TASCHEN knyga "Porche 911"

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FROM the earliest design studies, to the last of the air-cooled line, this book covers every model and iteration of the iconic Porsche 911, chronicling the continuous process of evolution and impeccable build quality that has kept the 911 fresh for over 50 years.

Limited edition cars, rare prototypes, and one-off specials are included, and all models are lavishly illustrated with over 1250 contemporary photos and illustrations, plus reproductions of advertising material and brochures, making this the most comprehensive reference work available on the air-cooled 911. With the full co-operation of Porsche, the author has assembled and presented an extensive history of the air-cooled 911 that includes full year-by-year coverage of production models, listings of colour and trim options, descriptions of limited edition cars, Porsche’s racing efforts in the arena of motor sports, plus three highly-detailed appendices. The birth, rise, and eventual replacement of the air-cooled 911 by the water-cooled 996 is catalogued in unprecedented detail, revealing how the company fought through sometimes difficult times, political turmoil and changing fashions to keep the 911 current and on top of its game through every decade


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