ASSOULINE knyga "The Arctic Melt"

1994 m. šią nepriklausomą leidyklą Niujorke įkūrė Prosper ir Martine Assouline. „Assouline“ žinomi dėl savo originalios knygų koncepcijos, apjungiančios puikiai išreikštą grafinį dizainą su patraukliomis temomis. Į eklektišką leidyklos kolekciją įeina daugiau nei 1000 skirtingų pavadinimų knygų apie architektūrą, meną, dizainą, madą, kulinariją, fotografiją ir keliones, kurias parašė savo srities ekspertai.

102,00 €
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The Arctic Melt: Images of a Disappearing Landscape is a brilliant new monograph by universally acclaimed art and environmental photographer Diane Tuft. Following on the heels of Tuft’s previous publication, Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, this new book showcases her breathtaking and visually astounding journey to capture the ice in the Arctic Circle before the constant melt renders the once-frozen landscape unrecognizable. It features photographs of the North Pole, the mountain glaciers of Svalbard, Norway, and the icebergs and ice sheet of Greenland. In a remarkably new take on illustrating the effects of global warming, and with more than fifty stunning photographs, The Arctic Melt chronicles Tuft’s passage through the waning tundra as millennia of ice thaw at a faster rate than ever before. In celebration of April’s Earth Day, Assouline and Tata Harper are proud to be sponsors of The Climate Reality Project. The nonprofit, founded by Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, works to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. Being 100% natural means Tata Harper’s ingredients are botanical and rely on the health of the environment to grow the ingredients that go into your natural skincare because you need to Green Your Beauty Routine!