GESTALTEN knyga "A Map of the World"

Our origin story began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly that of graphic design and, over the last two decades, the scope of both our content and our expertise has widened. Today, using a myriad of observations of culture, people, art, and other intimate, inspirational informants, we document and anticipate vital movements in architecture, visual culture, design & fashion, escapism, food & beverages, travel, and contemporary art. In 2014, Little Gastalten joined the literary ranks and ensured that there was a place for readers of all ages within the world of gestalten.

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Maps help us understand and navigate the world. In our age of satellite navigation systems and Google Maps, personal interpretations of the geography around us are becoming even more relevant. A Map of the World is a compelling collection of work by a new generation of original and sought-after designers, illustrators, and mapmakers.

This work showcases specific regions, characterizes local scenes, generates moods, and tells stories beyond sheer navigation. From accurate and surprisingly detailed representations to personal, naïve, and modernistic interpretations, the featured projects in this updated version range from maps and atlases inspired by classic forms to cartographic experiments and editorial illustrations.