GESTALTEN knyga "Take a bath"

Our origin story began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly that of graphic design and, over the last two decades, the scope of both our content and our expertise has widened. Today, using a myriad of observations of culture, people, art, and other intimate, inspirational informants, we document and anticipate vital movements in architecture, visual culture, design & fashion, escapism, food & beverages, travel, and contemporary art. In 2014, Little Gastalten joined the literary ranks and ensured that there was a place for readers of all ages within the world of gestalten.

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The bathroom is multifaceted: the room where you start your morning routine and unwind at the end of a long day; a sanctuary within one’s own four walls; or a place to pause before rushing out the door. From the utilitarian to the luxurious and from the Victorian-influenced to the modern, these rooms are showcases of stunning design.

Designers and dwellers discuss the details of creating these practical and splendid spaces; insider insight shows how to combine materials to craft tantalizing textures and statements. Whether looking for resourceful solutions for a guest bathroom or rich details to add to a decadent master bath, one is sure to find inspiration within the pages of Take A Bath